Nigel is proud to announce the birth of his new record company… this wacky name is in fact an anagram of Nigel Hitchcock!

Nigel has this to say about it…

"I've been in the music business for 30 years now. When I started playing I wrongly presumed that if I was to take care of the 'playing great' part, that it would be somebody else's job to get my playing out to my audiences and fans. I now see that this is an outmoded idea. The established record companies have less and less clout in the market place, I think.

As it has become so much easier and cheaper (with the technology available) to write, record, edit, mix, master and print CDs, the only thing the larger labels can offer is kudos, and money for advertising. The problem with this is that in order for the majors to make their advertising costs back they have to sell squillions of CDs to the world. The only artists that sell squillions are of course pop acts, X-Factor winners, child stars under 8 singing Andrew Lloyd Webber, and TV weatherman with Xmas albums. Major labels therefore exclude most really great music in favour of mediocrity, the lowest common denominator of music across the general public.

So I've started Eight Inch Clock, which I'm thrilled about! My intention is to deliver my music, and music of great artists that I play with, to the many people out there looking for quality music, quality playing and great compositions. Each album I bring out will be unique. Each track on the album will be unique.

As a musician I play jazz, smooth jazz, classical, crossover (mix of jazz/classical), funk and world music, and I want my albums to reflect this diversity. Never again do I want to be pigeon-holed into any category except excellent!

I very much hope you will support me by buying CDs direct from my shop, and I hope you enjoy the music enough to return for my future releases."