Nigel has composed and arranged his first commission for the Turan Alem Orchestra of Kazakhstan. It is in remembrance of Kazakh banker Yerjan Tatishev, with each piece portraying a chapter in his life. With a mixture of Kazakh and British musicians recorded at Abbey Rd this meaningful work is soon to be realeased.

Composer Brian Byrne has released his incredible album 'Tales From The Walled City' on the famous Decca label (available from Amazon), featuring Nigel playing a completely stunning alto sax concerto alongside tracks showcasing some beautiful playing from Nicola Benedetti on violin and the angelic voice of Danielle de Niese.

If you would like to listen to some samples click on the tracks below.

Moscow - Nigel Hitchcock

Formula For Success - Nigel Hitchcock

Vintage Interval - Nigel Hitchcock

Excerpt From Concerto - Brian Byrne

Hubble's View - Nigel Hitchcock

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